The macroeconomic role of insurance:

- Through which mechanism insurance contributes to economic growth?
- How does the long-term nature of insurance play into the economic cycle?
- How does the pooling and mutualization process in place in modern insurance play as a redistributive tool – between individuals? between generations?
- How is insurance instrumental / detrimental to innovation?

Insurance, systemic risk, and regulation:

- What are the sources of systemic risk in insurance?
- How are insurance companies interconnected with the rest of the financial system?
- Insurance companies do not create money: what are the consequences of this fact for systemic risk?
- How are derivatives used in insurance companies? Does this raise specific concerns?
- Which are the regulatory tools to be preferred to address and control potential systemic risk in insurance?
- What is the role of capital in insurance? How is capital being used in times of financial stress or failure?